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AltMove - Flags
-   Exclusive   -
One day one man come to us and tell us... I don't remember... but, it doesn't metter what he told. As some of you know, we like make some personal altmove version for people who help us. And most important, that this man is Frenchman. Ok, we decided that it is time to diversify main window for this good fellow and make him happy(... we're naive... but we're kind) We made AltMove which is coloured as french flag, it looks like this:

And this idea was so fine for us, that we decide to make it wider... look:

Are you ready? We made exclusive version of AltMove for Diggers. This version allows to paint headers of Action in three colors, like some flags.
To do it, go to Flag Settings:

And set "Use flag" on.

Then you'll see, that this dialog is painted as French flag. But now, you can choose your own colours to colour AltMove.
If flag of your country does not consist of three vertical colour lines - don't be vexed - think out your own flag for AltMove!

Oh! Of course! You can download it from here: click to download.
Remorse version
-   Release   -

They say, AltMove has a lot of bugs… We decided that we… we and AltMove must repent. Repent to all mice and windows, that we… we and AltMove worked with then not so carefully and rightly. We hope, all mice and all windows will forgive us… us and AltMove. And all will be better

If you found some bugs… don't keep secret! Tell us now!

<->Known and <+>Fixed bugs:

<+>Settings. Settings storing on AltMove exit was repaired.
<+>Settings. Run with Windows was repaired.
<+>Support for non-96DPI.
<+>Program Run Action. Fail on exit, when no work items was created.
<+>Drag'n'Do. Suspended icons. When you activate Drag'n'Do Icons and press some control keys, then Icons become suspended.
<->Opaque Action. If 'Mouse Drag' is switched on, opaque level changed sharply by mouse moving.
<+>Main window. When main window is hiding, it is not hidden completly.
<+>System Menu Action. Minimizing window without process trimming does not work properly.
<->Drag'n'Do. Last Icon sometimes isn't shown.

Action - Hide'n'Show.
-   Preview   -

Need a rest of all of these windows? O'k, let us tell you about new version of Action...


What is this Action for? And why we spent our time for it?
Action Hide'n'Show can hide and show(restore) windows. Or, if you wish, these windows can show(restore) themselves automatically now. All depends on...


- Hide to tray
Hides windows and places icon of this window to Windows tray bar. When you click by left mouse button to the icon, the window will be shown and icon will be removed from tray bar.
- Live icons.
Did you ever see death icons? Live icons option means, that if application changes icon for hidden(by AltMove) window, AltMove will change the icon in tray bar too. This option is useful for programs like ICQ or Jabber.

- Keep hidden
This option can be used with 'Hide to tray'. It works in such way: when hidden window is shown and becomes inactive - it will be hidden automatically(to tray, if you set 'Hide to tray' on).
- Hide kept window if it is winimized.
Oh, so many words and little sense. O'k, what does this option mean? You work with restored hidden window and do not wish that this window will be hidden when you work with other, then set this option on - your window will be hidden again only when you minimize it.

- Auto-restoring
This option allow to show hidden windows automatically after user defined timeout. you can set timeout in minutes or in seconds.

- Protect taskbar
This option protects taskbar window from be hidden. Because, if you hide taskbar you hide tray bar too and you will have no chance to restore it. And, we think, we make more clever solution of this problem in future (for example, there is Sumka Launcher plug-in - DeskOff, which can hide desktop and taskbar, but keep tray bar visible).

Action - Size window.
-   Description   -

This action allows to size any window, including controls.

Version of AltMove - 1.0

We're fighting for Freedom!
Freedom for each window to be resized!
- You do not need to move mouse pointer to edge of window.
- Unix users like this.
- Sometimes developers placed controls on theirs window untidy and inconveniently. Small lists and multiline edit fiels - it's disgraceful!
- When you need to size parent window of modal dialog box, use AltMove.

How does it work?
You must press combination keys you chose, for example Shift, and then click mouse button you chose for action, for exapmle - left mouse. Wait, what about direction? Yes, yuo're right. You can choose direction by choosing part of window to click. If you choose, for example left-top corner of window, it will be resized to left-top direction. It look like, if edge of window bacome to 1/3 part of window, well? Ok, you know where you must to click now. Let's begin! Press and keep key part of key combination(Shift) and mouse button(left) and drag it - window will be resized. Enjoy!


- Ignore children.
It means, that when you click in any point of window - in window or in controls - AltMove will resize window. And then this option is off, and you click, for example, button or (!)droped-down list-box - AltMove will resize this child.

- Only when parent is not resizable window.
It option does not allow AltMove resize windows which can be resized usual way.

- Draw sizing content
Draw only resized frame rectange instead of window and resize window when you release mouse

- Discontinuity
It is something between sizing frame and the window. Number of Discontinuity is number of steps in resizing process when the window is not redrawn.

New Homing mode
Of course, old homing mode was improper - controls always hinder guidance system from work. Now it works in new way! Just mouse mouse to resizing center you choose and press selected key - ALtMove fix it. Then move mouse to edge of window (you'll see a closs in resizing center), click and resize it.

New release
-   Release   -
New version of AltMove mouse and windows manager was released. The number of this version is - 2.1.4

Some bug was removed. New features in Size and Move Actions. Status bar will show you some info about actions.
-   Preview   -
Congratulations! But… what's happans? Well, we are going to release new program. Of course, this program like simple AltMove, but it is something more.
"Why do you do this individual version?" - you asked.
"Well, we feel like…".

Ok, step by step.
Of course, AltMove is developing tool (as we planed, as we'll make it) but usual users want to use it too. That why, we made first(blue) version of AltMove for all users.
What's new and most important?
- Profiles. AltMove4D will have ability to work in different profiles with quick switching beetwen them. Each profile has own, independent Actions set, own two colors for representation itself.
- New Actions to routine work with windows(and threads/processes). Look at this screen with us and we will be waiting for the release with you:

New feature for Size Action - Homing Mode.
-   Description   -
2.1.3 version of AltMove manager now can resize widnow more flexibly. Here is Homing mode. May be Homing mode is not so right name for this feature, but we like it and it is looking well!
Ok, what's the meaning?
Old versions of AltMove devide sized window to 4 equivalent parts - center of window was a Sizing Center. Now you can switch Homing mode and by moving of mouse you can select the Sizing Center.
Homing mode works only when you use some keys in Mouse-Key combination. If it is so, when you press this key combination and move mouse, you will see sight:

And when the Sizing Center was chosen, press mouse and resize it:
Dectivation ability
-   Description   -

2.1.1 Version lets you switch AltMove off quickly, without unloading it. New feature "Activation/Deactivation" allows do it. This feature disable all reaction of AltMove to mouse*. You can do it from main toolbar or main menu from tray. It is a button with lighting bolt. AltMove will not react to any key-mouse combinations (actions can be in on or off state, no metter) while is in Deactivation state.
* Hide'n'Show will work for hidden windows.

Action - Keystroke
-   Description   -

2.0.1 version of AltMove manager contains this Action.
This action emulate keystrokes by mouse clicks.

Look at this screenshot:

here are two actions:
First is "Redo" for source editor(ctrl+shift+Z).
Second is "backward" for media player(Z key).
Of course, keyboard is wider than mouse: buttons, size, luminodiodes, studs… But why we think it is usuful action because:
- sometimes mouse in haed and you do not want to move hands to keyboard to do some frequent action. Example? Photoshop. To switch between Eraser and Brush you must press 'E' and 'B' or click to toolbar. And now you can bind backward and forward buttons for 'B' an 'E' and switch quicker (by using Drag'n'Do up to 9 actions to one mouse button for every program or windows class!).
- you may send keystrokes to hidden application. See second action at the picture. Here is button on right side with a chain. This is a "bind" option. When you set this option [on], AltMove will search for specified window even it is hidden and then send to this window specified keystroke.
Action - System action (from system menu or system buttons).
-   Description   -

2.0.1 version of AltMove manager has this Action.
This action allows to do things, which you do by system menu or by tilte bar buttons. Perhaps, list of these actions will be wider in the future.

What's a fine?
-Whole window is more than minimization button in the title bar. And now, you do not need to move mouse pointer to minimization, maximization or close button. You can press it from any point of window

This action will be more useful, if you add Drag'n'Do to it. Then you can asign minimization, maximization, closing and others to, for example, simple right button.
Ok! Click right button and grag it down - minimization. Click and drag it up - maximization. Want to see usual context menu? Click up and down - and mouse will work as usually.

Action - Move window.
-   Description   -

This action allows to move any window, including controls.

Version of AltMove - 1.0

What's a bonus?
- You do not need to move mouse pointer to title bar. May be, this is for lazy, may be for to be quicker.
- Unix user like this.
- Some developers want to be showy, and use top-most windows, which placed in center of desktop, has not close button and title bar. There is a good chance to move such windows to out.
- When you need to move parent window of modal dialog box, use AltMove.

How does it work?
You must press combination keys you chose, for example Alt, and then click mouse button you chose for action, for exapmle - left mouse. Now, when you move(drag) mouse - window will be moved too. Enjoy!


- Ignore children.
It means, that when you click in any point of window - in window or in controls - AltMove will move window. And then this option is off, and you click, for example, button or edit-box - AltMove will move this child.

- Change parent.
It works only for children windows - buttons, edit-box, so on. When you click child window, it is torn from its parent window. Now you can drag it to any other window and drop it. And it will be stuck to new parent.

New feature - Drag'n'Do
-   Description   -

2.1 version of AltMove manager contains new feature, which allows do more actions.
- Why it is so?

Before, you bind one action to one mouse button(with keys). How did it work? You press and release mouse and action activated.

- What's now?
Now you can set on Drag'n'Do settings in additional settings. Before, you press and release mouse, now, you can press and release, as it was, and more: press an drag mouse* to 8 derections. And you can bind one vary** action to one direction.

For example, click and drag mouse down - minimize your window. Click and drag mouse up - maximize your window. Useful, you do not need to try to hit these small buttons in right-top conner of window - you can do it all from any place of window.

*- Now you can use mouse buttons(except left button) with drag'n'do option and without keys!

**- Only if an action do not need a mouse dragging in work, for example Move Window or Size Window.

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