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New release
-   Release   -
New version of Diversify processes and windows manager was released. This version is 1.1 and contains a lot of new features and fixes.

Here is a small list of it:
'Post' button on 1st Tab (Msg) for posting messages.
'Pos' tab - correct position.
'Font' tab. A lot of bug was fixed, font names were added. 'Pos' tab - ID of control - get and set. 'Menu' tab - New tab for work with menus. 'Timer' tab - New tab for work with timers.
Main window - icons for tabs.
New toolbar.
Highlight invisible and thin windows.

Interesting thing. Note sticker.
-   Advice   -
Diversify manager can make simple note sticker window from notepad. Yes, yes, your notepad can become very iteresting program if you will apply Diversify. Let's go.

1. Open notepad. No work for Diversify here.

Using targer button find notepad window - press and drag mouse to title bar of Notepad, and drop there. Ok, now we found notepad window. In first tab you can change title text - it will be shown in TaskBar.

Also, in first tab you can change opaque of you Sticker, if you want to see through it.

2. Pos Tab. Here press "Top most" button, and your Sticker will be always over all window.

3. Now, let's remove unusable parts of window - title bar and menu - go to Style tab. Here, doubly click in left list to WS_CAPTION - and it will removed to right. Fine! Our Sticker lost his head! Go to Menu tab and click "Kill" - button there - no menu now. Our Sticker is ready! If you want, you can remove border of internal edit box to have more area.

Oh.. There is one sad thing… no title - you can't move window… But… there is an answer! AltMove can do it without title bar!

Diversify manager
-   Description   -
Diversify manager is program you can use in testsing process.

Messages. You can test how your application process messages by sending message via the Diversify.

Position, relation and dependencies. Diversify manager allows change shape and position of any windows, change parent of windows, change style, test, state and font of window. You do not need to change your programs to see, how it will work in different states, you can change it "on-line".

Processes. Diversify manager also contains small process explorer, which shows some processes inforation, can change priority of processes and kill them(or group of them)

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